Finalist of the Agora Grant for Research

Thank you to the jury of the Agora grant for research (Ruedi Baur, Claire Brunet, Jean-Louis Frechin, Alexandre Labasse, Bernard Moïse, Caroline Naphegyi, Gilles Rougon) for selecting my work among the finalist projects. Supported by the french Ministry of Culture and the Hermès corporate foundation, the Agora grant aims to support “the major role of design in addressing the key challenges of contemporary society”.

My project, which is in line with my work on the potential of FDM 3D printing, focused on the intersection between this particularly accessible manufacturing technology and the notion of “dynamic” structures (4D printing, tangible interfaces, metamaterials-mechanisms… On these subjects, see the article on the ZAG project : introduction).

The two winners of the Agora grant for Research are Pablo Bras and Martin De Bie. They have developed excellent projects that focus respectively on the exploitation of the “poetic and flexible character of electricity production objects” and “high low tech” as “hybrid creative know-how, symbiosis between craft and technology”.

See the Agora du Design association’s website.